Current CV:

Current CV (pdf) 

Some Highlighted Publications:

K. Perez, K.C.Y. Ng, J. Beacom, C. Hersh, S. Horiuchi, R. Krivonos, (Almost) Closing the nuMSM Sterile Neutrino Window with NuSTARarXiv:1609.00667

T. Aramaki, S. Boggs, S. Bufalino, et al., Theoretical and Experimental Status of Cosmic-Ray Antideuteron Searches for Dark Matter, Physics Reports, 618, 1 (2016).

K. Perez, Making Space to Address Equity Issues in Physics Classrooms, Teaching and Learning Together in Higher Education: Issue 18 (2016).

K. Perez et al., Extended hard-X-ray emission in the inner few parsecs of the GalaxyNature, 520 646-649 (2015).

K. Perez et al., Progress on Large-Scale, Low-Cost Si(Li) Detector Fabrication for the GAPS Balloon Mission, Proceedings of IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (2013).