Research Topics

Antideuteron signatures of dark matter with GAPS

  • Leading the semiconducting Si detector development for the GAPS experiment, a balloon-borne dark matter search utilizing cosmic-ray antideuterons and antiprotons in an unprecedented low-energy range

Galactic Center and Exotic Particle Physics with the NuSTAR satellite X-ray observatory

  • Use NuSTAR's unprecedented angular resolution in the hard X-ray band to investigate the Galactic Center region, in particular how stellar remnant populations vary from the inner-parsec to inner-kiloparsec length scales. 
  • Spearheading the NuSTAR Dark Matter and Exotic Physics sub-group, pursuing X-ray signatures of sterile neutrinos, axions, and other exotic particle physics.

Developing X-ray Optics for Axion Research with IAXO

  • Optimizing the optics design for the International Axion Observatory (IAXO), a next-generation axion helioscope that builds on the successful CAST experiment.

  • Working to expand the segmented, slumped glass technology used for NuSTAR to the larger radii and lower energy range necessary for solar axion detection.


Please contact me to discuss opportunities to join our group! 

  • Dr. Rachel Carr (MIT Pappalardo Fellow)
  • Field Rogers (graduate student)
  • Tyler Erjavec (post-baccalaureate student)
  • Jonathon Brown, Allen Cheng, Lawson Kosulic, Federico Llarena (UROP/undergraduate)