Research Topics

Antinuclei signatures of dark matter with GAPS

  • Leading the semiconducting Si detector development for the GAPS experiment, a balloon-borne dark matter search utilizing cosmic-ray antiprotons, antideuterons, and antihelium in an unprecedented low-energy range

Galactic center and dark matter physics with the NuSTAR X-ray satellite observatory

  • Investigating the Galactic Center region, in particular new insights on stellar remnant populations and cosmic-ray acceleration from inner-parsec to inner-kiloparsec scales.

  • Pursuing X-ray signatures of dark matter particle physics processes, in particular sterile neutrino decay.


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Research Group (2017-2018)

  • Dr. Shuo Zhang (potdoctoral researcher)
  • Field Rogers (NSF graduate student)
  • Brandon Roach (graduate student)
  • Tyler Erjavec (post-baccalaureate student)
  • Talla Babou, Radhika Bhatt, Jonathon Brown, Ivy Li, Evan Tey (UROP/undergraduate)

Research Group (2016-2017)

  • Dr. Rachel Carr (MIT Pappalardo Fellow)
  • Field Rogers (graduate student)
  • Tyler Erjavec (post-baccalaureate student)
  • Jonathon Brown, Allen Cheng, Lawson Kosulic, Federico Llarena (UROP/undergraduate)